Types of Properties - For Cowork Spaces

Grit coworks has successfully delivered 4 cowork spaces, established 2 cowork spaces and independent businesses, in progress of establishing 1 more. It also under process of making few more work spaces.

Following types of buildings are suitable to be converted into cowork spaces:

1. Floor plates: Bare shell spaces are best they can be designed from scratch and can be built to generate most returns per sqft. Existing furnished offices which are empty are also good option, but in order to get most out of the space, it is important to do some changes, these can be small or big. Its important to generate the best returns.

2. Independent Buildings: Operating the full building optimizes a lot. It not only attracts companies as they also feel more personalized but also it helps create a good presence and thus getting more clients. Grit Coworks can work on designing the whole space as well as optimizing it for best returns.

3. Big Residential buildings in Commercial areas: With the city growth, a lot of residential building come under live economic activity zones. These are typically located in CBD. Grit coworks has expertise in turning around these work spaces into commercial cowork spaces.

We are always open to look at your space and suggest you the best possible ways of generating returns. Contact us. Grit Coworks also has a sister concern called SimplyMoveIn which is into coliving spaces.

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